I have not posted anything for quite a while.

School works have been demanding last few days.

But one thing that really made me a lot busier was joining give away contests on Instagram.

I do have a Facebook account but because it is more toxic,I’ve rarely read my newsfeed.

Last year, I started joining different Instagram give aways. One reason is to lessen the stress level and anxiety that the pandemic is giving me.

I’ve won my first give-away contest last December and I have made new set of friends from the organizer of the said event.

This year,I have written one of my 2021 prayer request that I hope that I will win again.

And my prayer was answered,not just once but three times. I have won on consecutive months since January.

My heart is full and I know I have to pay it forward.

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Living from paycheck to paycheck.

I’ve been a government employee and this year marks my 10th year in this industry.

I am so proud for all my coteachers who have been supporting their children’s education or for my case,my parents.

It is really a tough job with a tight salary.

As the saying goes,teaching is a passion,not a job

But to tell you frankly,passion is not enough.

When the going gets tough,when the food is not enough, when the bills are nearing their due date,your heart may fail too.

Thank God He has given me the drive enough to push me into my limits and conquer it.

Teaching is one job I really love but I hope educators like me will be well compensated enough in the next few years.


This time,last year,no one knew about how the pandemic would drastically changed the way we appreciate life.

Quarantine made some people appreciate the small things that they did not notice before.

A lot of time spent at home pushed people to write down their thought or even blog or vlog about it.

The workaholics was required to stay at home and some them value the rest that they never knew they needed.

Family bonding got a deeper meaning because no one really knew who will catch the virus next.

This virus that caused a pandemic had brought a lot of change in the lives of the people around the globe.

I hope that you who are reading this was able to take a little time off to spend time alone and breathe.

The virus is still around and I hope that whatever comes next,you will become better than who you are before the pandemic started.


When I was younger,I was in a large group of friends called M.A.F.I.A

Most of us were classmates since elementary,10 boys and 7 girls.

We treat each other as a part of our family.Even if we separated ways during our college days,we still had the time to have our annual reunion

When we started our own careers and most of us started their own little family,things changed little by little.

Responsibilities came in our way and we rarely had the time to catch up.

We also found different sets of friends that we’ve grown to be closer as the time goes by.

As I was writing this,I was completely estranged to the set of friend I had before.

Maturity and experiences made me chose to live a different path away from them.

I will always support them,clapping for every success and shedding a tear for their downfall.

But now,I have chosen a life and a set of friends whom I can say that have celebrated me for who I am.

friday Freeday!

Spotify made me dance tonight!

We had a seminar earlier on how to use some apps for our online class.It has been straight three days that we were reporting in our school.It is tiring because we were not used to face to face since the pandemic started.

My client,a former student,who has a resin-art business who asked me to photoshoot her pieces dropped by to get her stuff because I was done taking the shots that she needed.

Another former student who had a new takoyaki stall also brought me some to photoshoot and at the same time,promote it on my socmed.

This day was indeed a busy day and I was happy to let go of the stress tonight. I’ve turned on my Spotify and dance with Pink’s Raise Your Glass.

It would have been better if I have a wine and a cheese board but still,I was able to enjoy myself. It’s been a surprise for me that I can party even though I am all alone.It feels so liberating and freeing at the same time.


I love doing a lot of things,all at the same time

I love being busy the whole day that I don’t have time to get anxious about a lot of things (like being NBSB at the age of 35).

I love what I do but I know I still need to learn how to manage my time.

Time for checking my student’s modules.

Time to finish the product shoot for a client.

Time for my daily quiet moments with God.

Time to realize that I also need rest.

Keeping myself busy makes me avoid some of the reality.

Reality that I need to face because it will never leave my thought unless I deal with it.

It is a fact that we can never serve master all at the same time,with the same amount of attention that is needed for each one.

One must realize that we have a limited and we can never go back to the time that has already passed.

I felt sad when I have realized that I was not able to write an entry yesterday.

But it will not stop me writing from deep within.


It’s been a busy day for me.

A friend asked me to take photos of her resin products to be launched tomorrow.

I was so thrilled to received the items plus her gift to me,a personalized hand made resin of my name.

I was so excited to capture the beauty of each piece. Letter keychains,necklaces,combs and bookmarks were some of the items.

This was not the first time a friend asked me to be the photographer of their product.I am always grateful for the trust they are giving me that’s why I am giving my 100% in each session.

Being a photographer is not my main job but it is the one thing that makes my heart flutter a little more.


M.other’s touch can heal every wound not just physical but also emotional wounds. She is equipped with the right words at the right time.Her wisdom came from years of life’s experiences.The scars that she owns were from the learnings that she had.She can always offer a hug,pure of love and compassion.

O.ne in a million and irreplaceable,our mothers are link to life.We can always have a lot of friends that we can meet in our journey but no one can replace the one who took care of us in her womb.The sacrifices that she faced and conquered can never be measured up to anything or any amount any person could give.

M.en must respect all the woman in their lives specially their mothers.We will never have perfection in this world.We can never be in a perfect family and having a perfect mother is impossible.But one must always show respect to the woman who bore him,in that way,people will know that he can respect any other woman in his life.





The last few days were busy days in school that even weekends were stolen from me.

Fast-pacing,I feel like I am running from one deadline to another.

I went out today for a breather.

But I had a heavy heart after dinner.

Lord,I know I am a sinner

I need You now,my Healer.


One of the Filipino traits that is really debatable is about “pakikisama” or fellowship.

Going to family events or even barkada trips,one must learn to adapt to the situation.

Too much of everything is bad for anyone.

Some people go beyond what they used to like trying alcoholic drinks or doing some stunts just to belong.

But one good side of it is showing that we can adjust to any situation given to us.

When I was younger,I would tend to break my parent’s rules just to have fellowship with my friends.

But now that I am little bit older,I’ve learned to reserve some for myself.

At the end of the day,I believe in choosing the things that will make you happy or fulfilled.